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For What It's Worth!

Today's top comedians talk about life on and off the road. For a mature audience with an immature sense of humor. 

Sep 29, 2014

FIXED AUDIO BY LISTENER JERRY LEE: LIVE from the LA Podcast Festival! With guests Matt Fulchiron and Brandt Tobler... and special drop ins from Graham Elwood and Matt Kirshen. Oh, and there was tequila and scotch involved, so lots of F - bombs.  

Sep 22, 2014

Road Stories Breakfast Spectacular! Jake Johannsen and Gary Brightwell dine on bagels, coffee ....  and nobody touched the avocado, huh...  and discuss the road, Letterman and the troubles of private jets- yes, there are some. 

Sep 15, 2014

Ted Lyde and Brian Kiley drop by to discuss prepping for Letterman and fame... or lack thereof. 

Sep 8, 2014

Last Comic Standing top 10 finalist, Jimmy Shubert and comedy entrepreneur, Mike Casentini drop by the podcast studio to discuss death and Last Comic Standing...  and d*** pics??? 

Sep 4, 2014

Murray Valeriano welcomes Jeff Shcimmel to the show. Jeff discusses working with his brother, the great Rober Schimmel, and the different situations Jeff and Robert would find themsleves in. Robert was a friend, a co-worker and an all around great guy. I feel fortunate to have known him and call him my friend.