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For What It's Worth!

Today's top comedians talk about life on and off the road. For a mature audience with an immature sense of humor. 

Apr 30, 2017

Rick Ramos and Franchie San Pedro discuss performing for Mexican biker gangs, the rare subject of politics and the life changing observation of a little girl: "Maestro, a pestas como mi padre"

Apr 23, 2017

Good friend and even better comedian, Joe Sib hangs out and discusses his new album and producing shows in a skate shop. 

Apr 17, 2017

Cynthia levin and Shawn Pelofsky recall their days on the Nice Jewish Girls Gone Bad tour. And it's just what you'd expect from nice Jewish girls: fights, hooking up and mini riots... 

Apr 9, 2017

Feraz Ozel and Sammy Obeid drop by to talk about performing at colleges. Good? Bad? PC? Maybe all of the above. 

Apr 2, 2017

Ron Babcock and Ryan McKee discuss the early of days of doing shows in Arizona casinos... long before they should have been allowed to do shows in Arizona casinos. Also, Murray's studio gets appraised.