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For What It's Worth!

Today's top comedians talk about life on and off the road. For a mature audience with an immature sense of humor. 

Mar 30, 2015

Murray treks out to the valley to record with Jamie Kaler...  and who happens to live next door and is fresh off the road? Chris Franjola. Chris makes his first appearance since the very first episode of Road Stories. 

Mar 23, 2015

Chris Porter swings by the Road Stories podcast studios and talks sex, drugs and road stories...  maybe not sex, but drugs and road stories. And, brings his guitar for a little picking and singing.

Mar 16, 2015

Two lone Texans mosey into the Road Stories podcast studios... They haven't had a drink of whiskey or slept in a bed for 10 days. So, what do they discuss? They are comedians, so they discuss hot air ballooning and if the moon is real. Duh. 

Mar 2, 2015

The Full Charge Power Hour/Road Stories crossover! It is on and it is a beautiful disaster! This is part 2 of 2. This episode more Power Hour than Road Stories, but 100 percent worth the listen.  if you haven't yet, listen to PART ONE here. Then listen to PART TWO...  and don't forget the check out more of the Full...