Comedian Murray Valeriano talks to today's top comedians about life on and off the road and everything that happens in between.
RS: JJ Whitehead, Alex Nussbaum

JJ Whitehead and Alex Nussbaum kickoff the new season of the Road Stories podcast. Born in Canada, the two discuss performing abroad, competitions and...  guns. 

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RS: 2016

Comedian, Murray Valeriano says goodbye to 2016!

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RS: Sam Tripoli, Jayson Thibault

From the Punch Drunk Podcast, Sam Tripoli and Jayson Thibault join the show. As you know, the Road Stories Podcast has rules.  Two of which are: "no sports" and "no politics." Both of those rules go out the window on this episode. This episode is for mature audiences with an immature sense of humor. Bonus: This episode features a forward from Murray's wife, Mary Zophres. 

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RS: Henry Phillips, Chris Fairbanks

Henry Phillips and Chris Fairbanks drop by the ATC studios and talk about the early days on the road... and for no reason, whatsoever, Chris and Murray get into a squabble. 

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RS: Travel Tales

Mike Siegel of the Travel Tales podcast interviews Murray about his recent Military Tours. Check out Mike's podcast Travel Tales Podcast at

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RS: Brandie Posey, Lisa Curry

Better late than never, the very funny Brandie Posey and Lisa Curry drop by the studio to discuss producing their own tours... and respect Murray's "No Ska" rule. 

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Bobby Slayton, Ritch Shydner

Friends for close to 40 years, Bobby Slayton and Ritch Shydner share the craziest stories from the comedy scene in the 80's. This episode is for mature audiences with an immature sense of humor. 

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RS: Nick Guerra, Justine Marino


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RS: Max Alexander

My friend and hilarious comedian, Max Alexander passed away recently. I thought it would be great if we could all listen to the episode I recorded with him a few years ago. From a Las Vegas hotel suite, for the last time I get to say, Please welcome to the stage, Max Alexander! 

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RS: Jackie Kashian, Hannes Phinney

An episode decades in the making. Jackie Kashian and Hannes Phinney go waaaaay back... all the way to Wisconsin. Have fun with accents! I did. 

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