Comedian Murray Valeriano talks to today's top comedians about life on and off the road and everything that happens in between.
Bill Devlin

The tour continues! This time, on the road to the Brea Improv with comedian and creator of the hugely successful show, Comedy And Cocktails. So have a cocktail and enjoy the comedy on the road with the Road Stories podcast. 

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Road Stories on the road! Comedian Tim Lee hops in the Surf Mobile and talks to Murray Valeriano on their way to a gig down south.  FYI... sound cleans up at 12 minutes. 

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Mike Black, Jerry Rocha

Comedians Mike Black and Jerry Rocha join host Murray Valeriano to discuss being a nerd in comedy, long before being a nerd in comedy was cool. Mike and Jerry discuss that. Not Murray. Murray's cool. Not a nerd like these 2 losers. 

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Comics On Duty

Not so fresh off their tour of the mIddle East, Murray Valeriano and Steve Mazan discuss doing shows for the military in Djibouti, Bahrain and aboard the USS Dwight D Eisenhower. Gary Brightwell sits in as co-host having done the same tour years before. 

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Owen Benjamin

A crossover of sorts. From the Why Didn't They Laugh podcast, comedian Owen Benjamin talks Road Stories and his own podcast with Murray Valeriano and Mike Siegel. 

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Dead Kevin

The members of Dead Kevin stop by the studio to discuss life on the road a sketch group... and stand ups. 

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Josh Wolf, Chris Franjola

Chelsea Lately's Josh Wolf and Chris Franjola join host Murray Valeriano to discuss life on the road. This might be the best looking podcast of all time. 

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Dan Cummins, Gary Brightwell

On this episode comedians, Dan Cummins and Gary Brightwell join Murray Valeriano in the Valeriano, Mar Vista, Podcast Studio/Man-Cave. The three discuss hecklers, fights and late night TV. This episode is dedicated to the memory of Kristen Behrendt. 

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Tony Camin, Dan Gabriel

Tony Camin and Dan Gabriel discuss life on the road and weed. Mostly weed. 

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Stephen Kramer Glickman, Matt Walker

Comedians, Stephen Kramer Glickman, Matt Walker and host Murray Valeriano explore the comedic question: "Why is it that comedians enjoy watching their friends bomb more than they enjoy watching them kill???? All this and more on this episode of the Road Stories Podcast with Murray Valeriano.

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