Comedian Murray Valeriano talks to today's top comedians about life on and off the road and everything that happens in between.
Tony Camin, Dan Gabriel

Tony Camin and Dan Gabriel discuss life on the road and weed. Mostly weed. 

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Stephen Kramer Glickman, Matt Walker

Comedians, Stephen Kramer Glickman, Matt Walker and host Murray Valeriano explore the comedic question: "Why is it that comedians enjoy watching their friends bomb more than they enjoy watching them kill???? All this and more on this episode of the Road Stories Podcast with Murray Valeriano.

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Chris Franjola

Chris Franjola stops by the studio to discuss such hilarious topics as 9/11 and cancer. Funny stuff. Oh and Murray still has a cold. 

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On the road again!!!  Jay Davis and Murray Valeriano record some stories on their way to the Brea Improv to open for Pablo Francisco. Florida comedian, Erik Myers tags along for the fun. Enjoy this one with a kind and gentle lover. 

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Allan Havey, Jake Johannsen

This week, two of the host, Murray Valeriano's favorite comedians, Allan Havey and Jake Johannsen drop by the podcast studio. Every once in a while semi-famous, small "C" celebrity, professional stand up comedian and podcast host, Murray Valeriano, just gets to sit back and be fan... This is one of those moments. 

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Matt Fulchiron, Craig Coleman

The powers behind the Full Charge Power are here! Matt Fulchiron and Craig Coleman drop by the RS Studios to discuss drug use and the difference between playing in bands and doing stand up...  and the difference between the drugs they use. 

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Alex Nussbaum, John Vargas

New Road Stories podcast is up! A Canadian, a Mexican and a guy who used to be Italian, walk into a podcast studio... Fresh off the Canadian boat, Alex Nussbaum joins Murray Valeriano on this episode. These 2 comedians haven't been in the same room together for 5 years.  Catching up is so much fun. Once again, John Vargas sits in co-host seat. 

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Geoff Tate, John Vargas

New Road Stories podcast is up! Comedian, Geoff Tate joins host, Murray Valeriano in the All Things Comedy studio. And on this episode, John Vargas sits in the co-host chair, but you should listen anyway. 

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Eddie Pence, Bryan Erwin

Comedians, Eddie Pence and Bryan Erwin have dropped the kids off and are ready vent... They discuss getting bumped, lack of self-promotion and performing for 6000 people. . 

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Sam Tripoli, Bret Ernst

Let's talk fights! Sam Tripoli has his fair share and Bret Ernst was on hand to witness most of them... and share a few of his own. Also, my son Frank weighs in. 

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